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At Lakewood Home Inspection, we offer a comprehensive home inspection service.  We know that buying your house is a huge investment and we want you to be confident in exactly what your purchase. Our licensed property inspection team, with their experience and knowledge, work to help you understand your home purchase.

Our dedicated home inspectors provide a visual, functional, non invasive inspection of all accessible systems. Our thorough property inspection services cover: 

Our Inspection Services

Residential Home Inspections

Examine the HVAC system (furnace, AC, duct work, and ventilation) for signs of wear, as well as, making sure it functions properly.

Condo/Townhome Inspections

Visually check electrical connections, wiring, and electrical panels.

Multifamily Building Inspections

Inspect supply and waste pipes, where visually accessible, for leaks and ensure everything is in working order.

Commercial Property Inspections

Inspect for wear and tear on the roof.  This includes looking for missing or damaged shingles.

Air and Water Quality Testing

Test the water to determine mineral level and filter efficiency.

Radon Testing

Inspect home and surrounding area for any termite damage or debris that could be hidden.

Mold Inspections

Inspect and test for mold in the home and appliances.

Sewer Scope Inspections

Check for excessive water, mold, rats and look at foundation and joists.

Thermal Imaging Inspections

Check for leaks, adequate ventilation, insulation and existing vents.

Termite Inspections

Check for ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials) in a building. 

Bank Draw Inspection

Look for warped floors or ceilings, examine cracks in walls, check windows and door, walk around foundation looking for cracking or water damage.

Roof Inspections

Certified Radon Testing to ensure there is no radon gas in the air in indoor spaces.

The Importance Of Having A Home Inspection Before Buying

Buying a home is a life-changing decision.  There is so much excitement.  In fact, you probably are already mentally placing furniture and artwork around the home.  But what happens if there is a tiny leak that has been slowly dripping for years into the insulation behind the drywall causing a serious black mold condition?

What if the basement you were planning on finishing to create two more bedrooms has some serious water drainage problems?  This is why it makes total sense to spend a few hundred dollars to ensure your several hundred thousand dollar investment is exactly what you were expecting.

Our top rated home inspectors will make sure there are no nasty surprises when purchasing your home.  He can even walk you through things to look for during a home inspection, so you know in the future should the need arise.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Home Inspector?

One of the biggest benefits of having an independent home inspection is no conflict of interest.  The inspector is free to report any and all concerns.  He will provide you with a comprehensive property inspection report and review it with you. Basically, he can be completely unbiased and able to cover all areas of the home.  This removes the risk from you, because you will know exactly what you are purchasing… again no surprises.  You can buy with confidence knowing your licensed home inspector did the inspection with the proper tools and didn’t try to cut corners.  Another benefit is to make sure all the home improvements were properly permitted.  There is nothing like buying a home with a beautiful sunroom attached only to have the city tell you it wasn’t properly documented and licensed, so you have to remove it.

In many states, you might be tempted to skip a house inspection because you legally must be provided with a disclosure of anything wrong with the house.  However, what happens if there is an issue the current homeowner has no idea about?  That can add up to very costly repairs for you down the line.  A thorough inspection will not only uncover undiscovered issues but also help you know what it will cost to fix them.  This allows you and your realtor to negotiate the price of the home factoring this information into the overall home selling price.

Why Hire a Licensed Home Inspector?

The quick answer is they have spent hundreds of hours looking at houses before looking at yours.  They know exactly what to look for.   A certified home inspector is trained to put your family’s safety first. Examining the foundation, walls, flooring, and roofing of your house is just the beginning.  They know how to spot potential issues and talk you through what you should and shouldn’t be concerned with.

Internachi certified home inspectors must attend 180 hours of live classes, as well as, 40 hours of unpaid field-based inspections under the direct supervision of another licensed inspector.  At this time, on-line classes do not count.  It must be in-person, live training.  

The best home inspectors have passed their state exam and typically are members of the international association of certified home inspectors (internachi). In the long-run a licensed home inspector will save you money by uncovering potential issues before you sign on the dotted line and “make the home yours.”

Selling your home? You will want to consider a pre-listing inspection.  Having a property inspection before listing will help you and your realtor know exactly what your home is worth. An internachi home inspection can help you get the full value of your home and help disclose necessary information which is a legal requirement in most states. We pride ourselves on being one of the top home inspectors in Lakewood.  We will help you get top dollar for your investment.

New Construction Home Inspection

When do you get a home inspection during construction phases? Typically a new home construction phase inspection is broken up into a 2 phase process.  The first is at the beginning of construction after the foundation and framing has been completed.  Most of the house systems have been installed (framing, electrical wiring and boxes [including correctly placed outlets], plumbing, heating insulation, etc).  Phase 1 is typically right before drywall or sheetrock is put up so the home systems are very easy to inspect. Having a home inspection during this phase of construction will likely save you money by preventing rework later on in the building process.

The second inspection is done right before the family moves in.  At this point, the sheetrock inspection and stucco moisture testing (if appropriate) have already been completed.  Now, it is a whole home inspection very similar to a “normal” home pro inspection. Everything is complete and the builder is ready to turn over the keys.

A certified home inspector will provide you with a home inspection report including photographs, videos and a full summary of any issues discovered.  This will allow you to approach the builder to address any concerns.

Specialty Services

We offer appraisal inspections, city inspection for a rental property, condo home inspections, home inspections after purchase, FHA required inspections, VA home inspections, and more.  Give us a call today to let us know how we can serve you.  We are the best home inspector for your specific needs and are happy to customize.  Whether it is in house inspections or simply just a 4 point inspection to review the essentials our top-notch inspections will wow you!

Frequently Asked Questions

A 4-point inspection is a shorter version of a “inside and out property” inspection.  It only focuses on the electrical, plumbing, roof and HVAC systems. We do offer 4 point inspections.  Give us a call today for scheduling and pricing

Home inspectors’ prices will vary, but typically the average home inspection cost is somewhere between $300-$500 for a house inspection.  The home inspection price will vary based on the inspector’s licenses and the number of items/services to inspect.  Frequently the house inspection cost will actually save you money in the long run by uncovering issues before they become a real problem, as well as, serving as an incredible negotiation tool when it is time to buy or sell your home.


A homeowners inspection will differ slightly from a home inspection for buyers. Make sure to request a full home inspection report.  This should have a home inspection list of items that need to be addressed or could be a concern down the road. Your house inspector should also review this report with you and answer any questions you might have

Typically, your mortgage lender will require what is called a conventional loan inspection.  The home inspection needs to be completed before loan approval. Once you put your new home under contract, it is time to set up your inspection with a licensed home inspector.

If you are looking for a pro home inspection you may want to consider an American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) house inspector. They will adhere to the ASHI’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. ASHI’s certified home inspection companies adhere to a minimum and strict standard of practice for home inspectors

Annual home inspections can help you identify safety hazards and fix them before they become a serious issue. The home’s exterior and interior structural components will be inspected, as well as, all systems in the house working properly.


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